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Angie Emrey


Angie Emrey


Angie is a strategic thinker, eager doer, unabashedly loud and annoying fond of structure. While her real bosses are her twin six-year-olds, she spends her days working in Communications and helps  brands, leaders and organizations find and tell their story. Sorority alumna, retired cheerleading coach and now mom to two, she lost her whisper voice a long time ago, never to be found again. ","decorations":[]}}],"paragraphData":{"textStyle":{"textAlignment":"AUTO"},"indentation":0}},{"paragraphData":{"textStyle":{"textAlignment":"AUTO"}},"style":{},"id":"yp1zu893","nodes":[{"type":"TEXT","id":"","nodes":[],"textData":{"text":"​","decorations":[{"type":"COLOR","colorData":{"background":"transparent","foreground":""}}]}}],"type":"PARAGRAPH"},{"paragraphData":{"textStyle":{"textAlignment":"AUTO"}},"style":{},"id":"wgva4895","nodes":[{"type":"TEXT","id":"","nodes":[],"textData":{"text":"Thrown into motherhood with a twin pregnancy, eager to arrive babies born 10 weeks early and a month long NICU stay, Angie found a new passion in helping others navigate the overwhelming, raw and honest world of parenthood. As a mom, mental health advocate and therapy lover, she was drawn to MMHI and the incredibly impactful work out of the organization and is eager to help further the mission by any means possible.","decorations":[]}}],"type":"PARAGRAPH"}],"metadata":{"version":1,"createdTimestamp":"2022-12-19T17:56:18.279Z","updatedTimestamp":"2022-12-19T17:56:18.279Z","id":"2dbc7267-eea8-4e3e-b3e6-470e9c68ef35"},"documentStyle":{}}

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