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Moms Mental Health Initiative


We get it. As moms who have experienced postpartum depression and anxiety, we are familiar with the pain and hopelessness these illnesses bring. We also know it gets better, a lot better.


Our co-founders, Sarah Ornst Bloomquist and Becky Schroeder, founded Moms Mental Health Initiative in 2016 because they saw how hard it was to get the right help when navigating their own perinatal mental health journeys. They harnessed their professional experience to launch an organization dedicated to ensuring others wouldn't have to struggle alone. They wanted to help more moms in our community reach the light at the end of the dark and lonely perinatal mental health tunnel. 

MMHI has helped hundred of moms and families since its inception and continues to work toward its goal of ensuring every mom, birthing person and family has access to equitable, quality care as they navigate their perinatal mental health journey.

The Pillars of Our Work

Peer Support

Connecting moms with other moms who have walked a similar path. This happens through one-on-one conversations with our resource brokering team, in our private, online peer support group, Circle of Hope, and through sponsoring in-person support groups led by local providers. 

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Resource Brokering

MMHI is a bridge to qualified, available perinatal mental health resources. Whether it's a primary care doctor, psychiatrist or therapist, we have someone on our preferred provider list who accepts the birthing person's insurance and can speak with them quickly. Our team vets these providers carefully to ensure they're knowledgeable and experienced with perinatal mental health. 

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Information Sharing

Whether it's our social channels, website or tailored presentations to local organizations and providers, our dream is to walk through a world where every touchpoint with perinatal people is knowledgeable about and prepared to address perinatal mental health conditions. 

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Moms Mental Health Initiative is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping moms navigate perinatal mood and anxiety disorders by sharing information, connecting them to resources and providing peer-driven support.


All moms in southeastern Wisconsin who are suffering from perinatal mood or anxiety disorders have access to evidence based treatment and peer support.

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A Note on The Name

When Moms Mental Health Initiative first came to be, it was led by two moms eager to help other moms. As the years have gone on and our community has grown, we recognize that our work with birthing people goes beyond those who may identify as moms. So while we are Moms Mental Health Initiative, we remain an organization for all. All gender identities and sexualities of birthing and parenting people are welcome here. With the right help, you will feel better. 

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