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a woman holds her baby. the image features the baby grabbing the neckline of its mother's shirt

You Are Not Alone

Life with a baby typically brings worry. But, feeling anxious, sad, overwhelmed, or even angry much of the time could be a sign of something greater than becoming a parent or adding a child to your family. You could be experiencing a mental health condition. In pregnancy and postpartum, these are called Perinatal Mental Health Conditions (PMH). Postpartum Depression is the most commonly known of these conditions, though PMADs include anxiety and substance use disorders, among others. This high-risk period for experiencing a PMH condition begins at conception and can last up to 18-months postpartum.

If you feel you're struggling, do not hesitate to ask for help. You deserve to feel well. With the right help, you will feel better.

Maybe you feel...

You may be experiencing a perinatal mental health condition. You are not alone.

0r keep reading to learn about these conditions...

You Will Feel Better, This Won't Last Forever

The right help is out there. Our team can help you find a provider, peer support or more information.

woman staring at the camera while in a mirror behind her her reflection holds its head and looks fearful

From Moms We've Helped

“I started therapy yesterday with a provider on MMHI’s list- & it’s giving me hope, comfort, & after just one session I know that the light at the end of the tunnel is closer”


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