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Empowering You

A guide to advocating for the right help when navigating a perinatal mood and anxiety disorder

How Do I Ask My Doctor For Help?

When you call your OB or Primary Care doctor, mention these three things:


Tell them, “I believe I am experiencing postpartum depression and anxiety.”


Describe your symptoms in detail (“I can’t sleep when the baby is sleeping, I feel panicked all the time, I feel hopeless and scared.”)


Make a specific request of what you want. For example, “I want the doctor to call me back today” or “I need to see the doctor today or tomorrow, it is urgent.”

A doctor stands next to a woman sitting on a medical office table with a file open and her hand on the woman's arm.

You deserve to receive help- but it can feel hard to ask for, and occasionally providers may not deliver what you need. Below you will find concerns we frequently encounter and how you can advocate for support.

My Doctor Isn't Really Helping Me


If your doctor won’t help you or doesn’t take your concerns seriously, find another doctor.


If the treatment plan you’re on doesn’t seem to be working, be honest with your doctor and tell him/her you NEED to feel better and want to know what other options there are.


Ask for a consultation with The Periscope Project regarding any medication concerns.

My Doctor Won't Call Me Back


Keep calling and make your needs known.


Have a friend or family member call for you. Sometimes doctors respond quicker when they hear someone reaching out on your behalf.


Request to speak to the nurse or physician’s assistant.


If your OB doesn’t respond, try your general practitioner or your baby’s pediatrician at the next check-up.

Need More Support?

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