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Services for Providers

Grow your knowledge base and further your colleague's understanding of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Moms Mental Health Initiative's Executive Director provides tailored educational presentations to empower all those who act as a touchpoint to perinatal people.

Build your perinatal client base by joining MMHI's Preferred Provider List. Inclusion allows listing on the website and direct referrals from the organization.

You're serving perinatal people as best as you know how. And yet, you know you can do more with expert help. Moms Mental Health Initiative has provided technical assistance to Wisconsin local and tribal health agencies, as well as various community organizations. Expertise includes screening development, perinatal mental health processes and system, and implementing perinatal mental health best practices.

The Periscope Project

A Must-Know Resource

The Periscope Project exists to increase Wisconsin health care clinician’s capacity to support behavioral health needs of pregnant and postpartum women. Whether you are looking for specific information on managing treatment of depressive and/or anxiety symptoms with antidepressants or just looking to learn more about the broad topic of perinatal psychiatry, The Periscope Project can help.

The Periscope Project Logo features a woman holding her baby

Client Referrals

This relationship begins with an introductory meeting with our Resource Brokering team. After which you can complete our Preferred Provider form for listing on our website and in our internal directory for participant recommendations and warm handoffs.

Continuing Education & Training

Our training offers an intimate and authentic glimpse into perinatal mental health conditions and the often-debilitating impact experienced by moms and birthing persons.  


Unlike other PMH trainings that present the clinical side of these conditions, MMHI helps the audience understand the patient perspective and what moms really need to get better, find effective treatment, and stay hopeful.  


MMHI can offer this information via various avenues such as: workshops, presentations, webinars, in-services, lunch & learns, etc. 

MMHI will tailor its content to best serve the needs of your organization.  


Through our education series, you will learn: 

  1. A solid understanding of perinatal mental health disorders  

  2. Tips and tools, specific to the audience, to improve best practices when serving perinatal persons struggling from a perinatal mental health disorder. 

  3. Resources for effective care coordination and planning.  


"Ms. Bloomquist had so much knowledge to share. I learned so much from her talk and have a renewed view of post-birth concerns for moms.

"I wasn't aware of the Moms Mental Health Initiative. I will definitely be using this

resource almost immediately.

Technical Assisting & Consulting

By utilizing technical assistance from MMHI, you can:

  1. Provide patient-centered understanding of perinatal mental health disorders. 

  2. Improve best practices for effective assessment, care coordination and follow-up care plans.  

  3. Create strategies for improved access to quality care and reduce silos within care systems – build collaborations as allowed. 

  4. Increase access to wraparound services such as peer support.  

  5. Increase patient/client/participant utilization of proper support and treatments while decreasing crisis management and other costly interventions.  

  6. Enhanced care coordination practices. 

  7. Increased knowledge to support patient/client/participant effectively.  


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