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Sarah Ornst Bloomquist

Executive Leadership

Sarah Ornst Bloomquist

Executive Director, Co-Founder

Some call her the Fairy Godmother of perinatal mental health, but we just call her Sarah. Sarah Ornst Bloomquist has walked alongside hundreds of struggling moms on the path to feeling better. As Executive Director and Co-Founder, she’s the heart of the organization, which she helped build after struggling to find adequate help for postpartum depression and anxiety following her son’s birth. Sarah transformed her professional experience as a life coach, child advocacy program coordinator and family support specialist for perinatal couples into an organization dedicated to supporting moms navigating perinatal mental health conditions. Sarah is a Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) and is perinatal mental health certified (PMH-C). As an leader, advocate and speaker, Sarah brings lived experience to her work breaking down barriers to effective treatment and helping moms find hope in the process. Born and raised in the greater Milwaukee area, Sarah is a cheesehead at heart, but spent many treasured years in Indiana. She’s proud mom to two, enjoys playing soccer, hanging out with friends and neighbors, and taking her rescue dogs for hikes.

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